Vuture Durgo by Onish Das Apu

Vuture Durgo by Onish Das Apu is a popular horror book and this book is really awesome. Onish Das Apu is a great and popular horror writer and translator. All of his books that he wrote were published from Sheba Prokashoni, Dhaka.


His notable book list are Bichitro Joto Dinosaur, Horror 7 etc. Onish Das Apu translated more than one hundreds horror books in Bengali Language. He can write horror story very interestingly. For this reason, you can say that he is a really good horror writer.

If you read his one story of horror of Onish Das Apu, you would have to read another story of this book. In this book, two horror books are integrated by one. And one book has about twenty story of horror.

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