Gramer Nam Kakondubi by Muhammad Jafar Iqbal Free Bangla Books Download

We know that Muhammad Jafar Iqbal is a science fiction writer but this book is not science fiction book. This is the book of liberation was history book and the name of this book is Gramer Nam Kakondubi by Muhammad Jafar Iqbal.

If you are seeking war book bangla book, this book will be the best book for you. This book is really awesome for knowing the actual result of Bangladesh independence war. Bangladesh achieved the independent from Pakistan in 1971 by giving lot of lives and it is estimated that 30 Lakh people died in the liberation war.

Muhammad Jafar Iqbal tried to write about that liberation war and the actual situation of that time. So, this book is the best.

After all, Muhammad Jafar Iqbal is a popular writer in Bangladesh. So, you can read this book without any hesitation.

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